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We provide the well known Online Theory Crash Course for which you’ll pass the CBR theoretical exam within 1 day ór 2 half-days, needed to get your official Dutch drivers licence fast. Here you can read everything you want to know about the required Dutch drivers licence for non-EU expats and immigrants.

With our online course approach made by expert instructors you will memorise and retain the studied knowledge better. Even after your exam and in practical driving on Dutch roads day by day!

Theory exam

Theory College Netherlands (TCN) provides high-speed CBR theoretical exam training for anyone in The Netherlands and abroad. TCN works in close partnership with the well known driving school LesDirect in the region; Eindhoven, Helmond, Deurne, Horst aan de Maas, providing driving lessons for your practical exam. But of course you can also follow driving lessons at the driving school of your preference, anywhere in The Netherlands.

Online theory exam practise classroom

But how do we manage this quality? At most theory crash courses you’ll forget 80% of the studied knowledge you’ve learnt in one day. At Theory College Netherlands you start practising and repeating when you want, were you want and as often as you want.

You’ll receive a login code to which you can log on into our online theory training and exam practise platform. This will all happen in a relaxed manner on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet where and when it suits you.
Besided this you will also receive the best Theory Book of the Netherlands. 

This book in English contains all subjects of the CBR theory test, both traffic rules and hazard perception.
We will send the book through regular mail on the next working day. Your acces to the online High-speed theory training and exam practise will be send through email after your Sign up.

Effective and vivid learning technique

At Theory College Netherlands we apply a proven effective and vivid learning technique during the Online Theory Crash Course.

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With this approach you’ll learn all the study material much easier and it will also be memorised better. This because you invest in your theory knowledge in a structured, independant manner when it suits you. 

Extra Option

In order to prepare even better for your CBR theory exam, you can order 15 hours extra of access to practice questions per topic, selected difficult test questions and 40 full CBR test training sessions.

Advantages of Theory College Netherlands

  • Your ONLINE theory crash course in 1 day ór 2 half-days

  • Theory success GUARANTEED

  • Qualified and pleasant UK trainers for among others expats

  • Over 17 years of lesson and practical experience

  • Unique online study method to maintain knowledge

  • Also suitable for students with Dyslexia

  • High success rates!

Succes guaranteed!

Because of Theory College Netherlands unique method, the studied theoretical knowledge will effectively be memorised for your practical exam and after. This is very relevant considering the theory is 50% of your drivers licence!

By the way, we guarantee success! Students who exceptionally haven’t passed the exam for various reasons, are invited to retake the live online theory course with us for free. Provided you have passed at least 2 complete theory exams in the online practise platform. 

Practical exam

Theory College Netherlands is working in partnership with the well known driving school LesDirect.nl in the region Eindhoven, Helmond, Deurne, Horst aan de Maas, for practical exams, but you can also follow driving lessons at the driving school of your preference.

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Hard BREXIT: British driving license no longer valid!

Hard BREXIT: British driving license no longer valid!

If it comes to a brexit without agreement, the Britons living in the Netherlands will have to take a Dutch driving test for an official NL driving license.
If you live in the Netherlands for a long time (UK expat or immigrant) these conditions apply:

Trial theory exam in the evening starts now

From 1 May 2018, candidates can take the theory exam for the car, also in the evenings. Then the CBR starts a six-month trial in which candidates can also take an exam between 4 and 9 pm. The CBR wants to further improve the service to the customer.