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TCN Online Course November 2022

1-Day course: December 5; 9.30 - 12.30 and 13.15 - 16.15 CET (FULL)

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Smart practise for your car theory exam, but how?

You can practise for your CBR theory exam in several ways. Through self-study, classroom- and online-training. Here your decide what fitst you best and how to study smarter.


The Dutch driving licence for expats and immigrants | All you have to know

The Dutch driving licence is one of the most universally accepted driving licences thanks to the Netherlands being part of the European Union.
However it is also among the most difficult to obtain.

Traffic rules in The Netherlands

The rules here in the Netherlands are pretty standard. A few examples: Overtaking must be done on the left; mobile phone use is only allowed with a hands-free device β€” just holding a phone, even if it’s not being used, is illegal. The driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts. 

Hard BREXIT: British driving license no longer valid!

If it comes to a brexit without agreement, the Britons living in the Netherlands will have to take a Dutch driving test for an official NL driving license.
If you live in the Netherlands for a long time (UK expat or immigrant) these conditions apply:

Trial theory exam in the evening starts now

From 1 May 2018, candidates can take the theory exam for the car, also in the evenings. Then the CBR starts a six-month trial in which candidates can also take an exam between 4 and 9 p.m. The CBR wants to further improve the service to the customer.

Research shows theory exam CBR again positive

You only pass the theory exam if you have sufficient knowledge of the traffic rules. This is again demonstrated by follow-up research by independent research institute RCEC into possible unforeseen predictions in the theory test for the car. 

From 1 July car theory exam English also with extra time

From 1 July, candidates can also take the theory test for the car in English with extra time. Just like with the other theory exams with extra time, candidates get 15 minutes more time with the section 'knowledge of traffic rules and traffic insight'.