Hard BREXIT: British driving license no longer valid!

If it comes to a brexit without agreement, the Britons living in the Netherlands will have to take a Dutch driving test for an official NL driving license.
If you live in the Netherlands for a long time (UK expat or immigrant) these conditions apply:

If you live in the Netherlands for a long time and are in possession of a British driver's license, this will have to be replaced by a Dutch driving license. That advice gives the UK embassy in the Netherlands. "If the UK leaves the EU without agreement, you will no longer be able to exchange your driving license without taking a driving test and theoretical exam", it also resonates on Twitter and on the British government website gov.uk.

In this article you find all you have to know to get an official Dutch driving license.

With a hard brexit, you as a Brit living in the Netherlands will have to take a driving test to claim a Dutch driving license. You must take a CBR driving test. If you have a valid driver's license issued in a country other than an EU or EFTA member state, you can still use it for up to 185 days after registration in the Netherlands. After that you may only drive with a Dutch driving license in the Netherlands.

In some cases you can exchange the foreign driving license for a Dutch driving license, in all other cases you will have to do a theory and practical exam at the CBR.

LesDirect.nl autorijschool / driving school helps British expats and immigrants quickly and personally in their own language with certified instructors with driving lessons and theory lessons via TheoryCollegeNetherlands.nl in proper preparation for the Dutch practical and theory exam at the CBR.

Source: gov.uk